Thursday, May 12, 2005

Phase 1: Complete

Phase 1: Design blog (check)
Phase 2: Put interesting content on it (not check)

As you may have-or not, because nobody has seen this yet-noticed, I have created a layout for my new blog, XenoBlog. But first thing first: why the name 'XenoBlog'? Because one of my handles is XenoFreq, a modification of my similar handle, Freq, after playing XenoSaga. Simply put, Xeno(Saga) + Freq = XenoFreq. Seeing how this is XenoFreq's blog, I thought XenoBlog would be a good name. It's also a break from my common name for design projects, Digital Zen. I still love this name and the ideas it represents, but I need to lay off it for a while.

Each time I post, I plan to have something about design, a piece of my work, or something art related (which includes literature). So I'll be posting class projects and finals, program information (Photoshop updates, etc), sketches, and things that come out when I'm bored/creative.

The reason for this whole thing is for me to excercise my (lack of) design skills, and keep a record of my progress. It may also be used as a portfolio after some time, but not for now. Daily updates about my life will be posted on my LiveJournal, which is a 'friends only' journal. This will (in theory) keep this blog about my professional life.

Here's some background information for you, though I'm sure I'll have this put somewhere else, too. I've taken various classes in high school for digital art, design, and using industry programs. I'm currently in Advanced Graphic Design, a group of 5 students working on a student produced arts magazine, though I really dislike working on it; I don't get much say, though I know more about design and the software then the rest of the group. I often feel like I'm elietist when it comes to design, I try to keep my ego to a minimum.

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