Thursday, July 06, 2006

Points VS Picas

Okay, time for me to vent. I only feel the need to vent in one class; surely that's not healthy. Something is drasticly wrong with this environment.

So in class right now we're working on this travel brochure. It's another project to make an exact clone of something that's already been made. The first step is to setup the page, which is no big deal. Then it says to have the top and bottom margins set to 18pt and the left and right margins to be at 1p6. Um... they're the same thing? Okay, sure, whatever, let's continue. Next step? Go into the the prefrences and change the vertical ruler to points and the horizontal ruler to picas. What?! Why? They're the same measure system. You wouldn't have the rulers set to decimal inches and fraction inches, would you? No! Why do it with points and picas?

We have a sub. while our normal teacher is out of town. She's not actually a teacher, but she's from the industry, so she actually knows her stuff. I actually enjoy hearing her talk about different events that happened in the industry and problems that she's had to try and figure out due to software issues and having to deal with other people's workflows.

On another negative note a new student took the computer I used all last quarter and claimed it has her own. Now there's no reason it should be mine and mine alone since all our files are erased, but the computer that I'm using now doesn't recognize the keypad and once in a while decides that clicking on things with the mouse should produce no effect. So it's a little fustrating. It's probably a problem that's fixed in one of the patches for OS 10.4, but my teachers don't download the patches (there's 149MB of patches for the OS alone, and more for other iLife programs).

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