Saturday, July 23, 2005

Giant in The Playground

Once I had finished reading Order of The Stick, I noticed a place on the site that gives advice on creating characters, villains, and the world in which to create your D&D (or any world, really) adventure. It reminded me that I still needed to work on Orchab's past, that I needed to work more on the story of Dell and Grill, and that I need to create the worlds they live in. One thing that's bothering me at the moment is how Orchab got his weapon, and how it effects him. Why did he convert from barbarian to bard? I can't just use the excuse "because he was inspired from a song" if I'm going to use him as a real character, even if he's just for comic relief.

I still need a villain, I still need towns/cities, I still need houses. There's so much I never bothered to think about until now. The thought of creating all this is a bit overwhelming, but it's what I have to do if I want even a half-assed adventure.

As for the villain, I was thinking of having an old gnome, hell-bent on having his revenge on...Someone. I was actually thinking a family line, but who's I haven't yet figured out. It probably will remain that way until everyone makes their characters; I should have them do that now, actually. I need to make more pages listing the character sheets, maps, etc. for all this. Maybe I should do it now? Maybe I shouldn't upload it until I get through that part of the adventure as to not ruin it for any players that stumble across it? So many things I have to think about, and so little time to think. I suppose I could always do it before work each day.

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