Monday, October 03, 2005

XenoBlog Ver. 1.01

I made a lot of minor changes to the layout of XenoBlog. Chances are that I'm the only one that will notice -- with the exception of Auri (who's server space I'm currently occupying). It all has to do with alignment and, to an extent, proximity. I lined up the headlines with the rest of the entry, fixed the padding with the images (all but the align-right images, which there arn't any right now), and added a rule between the end of each post and the author and date. It's all personal stuff that really only effects the way it looks to me, though anyone else that stumbles onto this may notice something subconciously. Auri also suggested that I change the text margin to 1.3em.

This is a test to see how compatible Japanese is with my blog, how it registers on PCs, other browsers, etc. Don't worry if you can't read it, it's uninspiring. XENOBLOGはとってもいいです。新しいなまえは回数です。

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