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Map v1.0

So! I seem to have finished the basic map of Gnessis. What? Oh right, the name. Tom was already using the name Rhine for his campaign (crazy, eh?), so I changed the land mass's name to Gnessis. The name is quite similar to 'genesis', which is fitting for my first campaign. So now that I have the main stuff done, I can make a lengthy post about the various parts thereof.

The Kingdom of Auria
Auria is a matriarchist monarchy; It's ruled by a Queen. The current queen is Queen Michele, whom was trained as a princess in various art forms, most notably music. She is well known throughout Auria as a talented composer and musician. The capitol of Auria is Hensley, named after a legendary bard of old. The landscape is made up mostly of plains and forests. It's a peaceful kingdom, and uses war only as an absolute last resort. Auria relies, rather, on diplomacy to settle domestic and foreign disputes. Auria's army, however, is made up of men. "When the women can't persuade them, let the men" they say.

Tjil is a small island inhabited by Elves. Tjil is ruled by King Viel. While some trade exists with the rest of Gnessis, they prefer not to deal with outsiders any more than is necessary. Half-Elves are usually outcast, along with the Elvish parent. There is rarely conflict between Tjil and Gnessis because Tjillians keep to themselves and worry not about the outside world.

The Kingdom of Laine
Laine is currently the 2nd richest country in Gnessis, being the only human country to have full access to a mountain range, the Shoreline Mountains. As a result, Laine is constantly in a renaissance, which it gladly shares with Auria and select states of Desertia. In order for the other countries to get Laine's art and science, it must first pass through Auria and Desertia. Dwarvenhold only takes advantage of Laine's science if it makes for more efficient mining. Laine is a theocracy ruled by a council of elder paladins. They ensure that the church gets a large portion of funds from the mining in order to build and enhance churches, train paladins, build statues, etc. They worship both St. Cuthbert and Pelor with the goal of eliminating homelessness and suffering. If anyone is left without a job, the church will hire them as either a miner or as an extra hand around the church doing any jobs that need to be done.

The Kingdom of Dwarvenhold
Dwarvenhold, an underground society of Dwarves in the Middle Mountains. Not much is known about them by outsiders, but they are the richest of all the kingdoms in Gnessis, but do not share or spend it unless it's for trade with Laine. The Dwarves of Dwarvenhold follow a strong monarchy, and never feud with other nations. They keep to themselves and live to mine the Middle Mountains. They are ruled by King Oben.

Kingdom of Kyel
After a massive earthquake, a large mass of kyel moved into the Eastern ocean. Civil war broke out and the economy of Kyel suffered. A Hitler-esque figure named Garnet took the opportunity to gain rank in Kyel's military and goverment, eventually forming an underground army that overthrew the monarchy in a violent coup d'état. Taking rule as dictator of Kyel, he declaired a domestic war on all non-humans. Though the people of Kyel do not support the new goverment, they are held in check by the massive military presence in the towns and cities. It is thought Garnet may soon attack weak states of Desertia to expand the power of Kyel.

The Desertia Empire
The Desertia Empire, named after the large desert covering nearly half the Empire is a loose collection of states that each have their own smaller districts. Each district elects a representitive, and each representitive votes on a Governer for the state they reside in. From there, the governers vote on a Prime Minister. However, because of the lack of nation-wide law enforcement, manipulation of the political system is rampent in some districts, influencing elections throughout all of Desertia. Because of this, Laine only does trade with districts that have proven their good nature and efforts to fight any corruption of the goverment. The current Prime Minister is Eugene Miller. Due to the public knowledge of corruption, he is often critisized as being a puppet for a warlord, though this has never been proven.

Republic of Kronin
The Republic of Kronin was formed after a massive earthquake sent a large chunk of Kyel into the Eastern ocean. While the people of Kronin fought forindependencee, Garnet took control over Kyel and Kronin became an outpost for those who opposed Kyel's new goverment. Once Kyel was overthrown, independence came easily for Kronin. Kronin is ruled by acouncill of electedrepresentativess from each district. Though Kronin is still quite new, it's quickly becoming aninfluentiall power in Gnessis.

So that's Gnessis in a nutshell. Things may change, stories may evolve, but this is my outline so far. I'll go into greater detail for each of the countries once I get maps drawn up. Depending on the detail for each map, that may be a long time.

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Looking Good.

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