Saturday, July 23, 2005

Map v0.3

Added towns and more geography. This might be the final version of the map as far as where everything is, though I may redraw the map so it's easier on the eyes.

Alusin was going to be called Alusninep ('Peninsula' backwards), but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. The Auri Plains are named after my friend who put me in her game. So to show my graditude, she's included in mine, too. Middle Mountain Lake is a lake formed by water from the Middle Mountains. Obviously. Orin is a coastal city that makes use of the Orin River for trade and travel. The Pik Desert is there because I felt that I should have a desert; It just felt right. The Retsnom River is just more run-off from the Middle Mountains. Aurin is the major city of Kronin.

That's all for now. Now to give the lands history, goverment, and more detailed towns.

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