Saturday, July 23, 2005

Map v0.2

New map. I remembered I could make my own brushes to dramatically reduce the time it takes to draw in mountains and water. Before I start in a whole lot of detail, I want to figure out what I want the land to look like (mountains, islands, lakes, etc). Expect more soon.

As you can see, I've given the land a name, and some basic features I want to be in the final version. The name of the land is Rhyne (because v0.2 looks liked like a rhino when I was drawing it), and there is a gigantic mountain/volcano off the NW shore of Rhyne. In the SE, there's an island that is the result of a massive earth quake. And judging by the additional mass of mountains near the middle - the Middle Mountains - the area isn't geologically stable.

The mountain in the NW corner is the Lost Mountain. It's called that because (at this point of the story's evolution) you could allways see the mountain, but during the earthquake it vanished. Maybe it's still there? Maybe it's in a cloud of magic? We'll find out!

Tjil, the island near the Lost Mountain, is an island of Elves. I'm going to make it strictly Elves, with Half-Elves being both rare and shunned. Trade is done with the other races, but they are not welcome to live on the island as it's the last outpost of Elvish society.

So that's it so far. Forests and planes arn't mapped, but I'm thinking that I'll just leave forests unmapped and plains will be marked, though rare. So aside from putting towns & cities in there, this map may be done!

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