Wednesday, January 25, 2006 Header Design

I've been going to MooDance at Pacific Lutheran University's student media department for a few months. Normally I'll just hang out with the DJs but lately I've been on the air, too, doing skits or trying to fill the air when there's technical difficulties.

MooDance's audio quality is good (128kbps), but the visual side is lacking. I mean the website is lacking. So I decided to start a new layout. I'm still trying to make conceptual headers, but these two are the front-runners.

Template 3

Template 4

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Advanced Blending Modes

Behold, my latest discovery in Photoshop: advanced blending modes!

In case you're currious the images (1) the rainforest and (2) an erupting volcano. The volcano layer was set to 'multiply' hue to get the colors of the other layer; the volcano was grey/blue.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Obligitory New Year's Post

So it's the 2-0-0-6. Not sure how design is going to change this year (mostly because I don't know how it changed last year), but I'm looking forward to the new (see: recycled) designs.

I haven't been posting regularly for two reasons: finals and break.
Finals ate my time and creativity. Thus, I had no urge to update with any of my old stuff or create anything new to post. Break... was my time to recover from finals and school.

School starts up day; I'm in my first class now. We haven't done anything and I suspect we won't be for a while. My schedule is as follows:
Designing with Illustrator*Introduction to InDesign*Photoshop II*Prepress I*Lab Day*

* Indicates classes I'm excited about.

I'm looking forward to making some awesome stuff in Illustrator, and I'm glad I'm finally working on InDesign and not PageMaker. It's like working with a graphing calculater (InDesign) and working with an old-fashion adding machine (PageMaker).

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